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April WIP


I was on my way to finishing up this piece for the april competition but things got in the way (plus I think having multiple characters may have had a role to play) and I had to leave it unfinished. 

I'm not a big fan of this months audio clip (so many quiet/flat dialogue clips so far this year) and with a few unpolished entries I figured why not go back and tune them up. 

Any critiques would be appreciated:

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Re: April WIP

Really like this. I love the subtly of it. The little indication of the woman at the beginning telling him to go ahead is nice. My only grit would be in the facial animation, I think you get more expression and lip shapes in there. Some mouth shapes don't read too well and I think a bit more asymmetry in the face in general would help it a lot.
Shame you didn't get it finished in time, I had the same problem, but I'm nearly done now. I'll post it up in the nest day or two, would love to know what you think if you get a chance.



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