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A wolf in sheep's clothing

I'm new here and I'm greatly interested in animation but have very little experience!
I need some feedback about my narrative and whether my storyboard works in general (I know there are a few rather questionable shots in terms of framing and continuity in the characters)...any comments about areas of improvement would be very much appreciated smile

Story: The old, slightly cooky squirrel (the patriarch of the woodlands) catches the wolf up to his old sly tricks again and 'busts' him in his usual friendly yet sarcastic manner. He does not approve of the wolf playing mind games on the other creatures to catch his lunch by, as he sees it as unnecessary torture compared to just hunting for the kill with natural animal instincts. The wolf, thinks himself a young clever chappy and always tries to resist his animal instincts, thinking these primitive behaviours are well beneath him. He always comes up with new schemes to catch his prey which require brain more than brawn for his own narcissistic reasons (and, well, to show off to the other inhabitants)!

Here's the link:

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