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Jo girls and guys! i actually can't count the times where i was trying to finish something good but then more important things were destroying my 11sec-animation-master-plans :D ...  but anyways. I was lucky enough having enough time the last week for this entry. Although it's "final rendered" i'd love to get some feedback from you girls and guys! THANK YOU!!! STILL TIME TO GO!


Maa'm i transformed into a cow! May i go home?




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Upright Citizen
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Re: Maybe

The main thing is that she's cross-eyed, it makes her look like a blind person (if that's not what you intended). Good otherwise!



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Monkey G
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Re: Maybe

Personally I have seen quite a few wips for this months and this is already one of my favourites, I'll be subscribing to this topic to see how it goes Good luck ! big_smile



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