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Dialog Test

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Trying to get the dialog done first.  Did a little of the eyes, but I just shot the ref for the brows / face...  Let me know what you think



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Monkey G
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Re: Dialog Test

I think it looks good from what you described about this animation, personally I leave Lip sync till last, But Everyone Has a different way of animating smile The eyes are okay but like you said, you did a little. Overall Looking good cant wait to see future WIPS showing the whole body just to see what you come up with smile



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Re: Dialog Test

Hi, maybe you can do stronger parts like where are, "m", "f", and that kind of sounds, and youll see that your lipsync will take a lot of power with that things, and other thing, try to don't put so down the sides of the mouth in some parts, and try while you do the lipsync use a mirror to see how you say the phrases, And in the begginning where is an "r" sound, you are putting the tongue between the teeth, put attention with that kind of things. Good luck.



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Re: Dialog Test

lips and eyes r ok ,waiting for WIP .Gud luck smile

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