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Parody of the 11 second club parody

Hey ya'll!

Hope you all are doing well!  I appreciate all the feedback given to me as I really can see an improvement from my first video. smile During the process of animating this 11 second clip, I got bored and decided to 'spice it up' xD I know I can't enter it in, but I thought everyone could use a little laugh


Original clip (parody)

Direct Link

Parody of the parody

Direct Link



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J.K. Riki
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Re: Parody of the 11 second club parody

Not sure why the first one was a parody... but it was fun to see the jazzed up one after it! smile

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Re: Parody of the 11 second club parody

XD That did give me a giggle.



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Re: Parody of the 11 second club parody

ahaha yeah that is funny :-P tighten up the animationa bit and youre good to go!

i will sleep when i'm dead :-P



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