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WIP Animation Showreel - Owen Robertson

Hi all,

I went down to London on Thursday to attend the "Games for Grads" show and quickly cut together a showreel to try to show there, unfortunatley I never actually managed to show anyone
I think it was a combination of me being a bit nervous talking to some of the industry guys and gals, some of which didn't have a way for me to show them my work and also my stupidity of only taking it in one format (divx) on a flash pen!
Ah well, suppose you have to learn somehow tongue

Anyways, it was still a good experience although there was little catering for the animation side of things (I think most of the animators are too busy to attend )

Well here's my rough "work in progress" reel,
Still have a few weeks left before I finish university, so there's more pieces to add yet, some acting scenes and hopefully some more interesting body mechanics shots (want to try to do some sort of weight test or even some game combat moves/sequences) and then I just need to add as many layers of polish as I can ^^

Youtube Vid :

Direct Link

I would love to hear any feedback/criticism, even if its just about the order of the clips or presentation.

Thanks v.much in advance


Oh and as a final note, if you have the opportunity to attend an event such as "Games for Grads" or anything similar, don't do what I did. Come prepared.
Make sure you have your showreel in a few various formats (Divx, Quicktime, WMP) and burn them to CD's so you can let people take them away, even burn it to a DVD (as a movie that can be played in any player) if you can.

Hope this helps someone ^^



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Re: WIP Animation Showreel - Owen Robertson

dang man, ya you've defenitely got some nice stuff going on, especially those first two shots. I'm no expert but I think that the walk and run sequences are a little weak in comparisson to your other shots. I agree apon getting some weight tests in there. A couple more shots of characters doing something, and not just walk cycles, and your golden big_smile.

I have to admit I'm rather jealous of people with your skill, I can only dream... one day smile

Best of luck with your progress man smile

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Re: WIP Animation Showreel - Owen Robertson

Looking good.  I really like the first clip.  One thing I would say would be to have one foot infront of the other in the run.  I think it would look a little more natural that way.   Good luck!!


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