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Re: Mc 18: Lamp and ball

Just updated with a rendered version. Small tweak at the ball roll in the beginning.

Direct Link



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Re: Mc 18: Lamp and ball

Hi.. this is past the deadline, I only started on Saturday and went quite a bit over the limit (11 seconds), but it was hard not to keep adding to it smile

Here is the WIP

Direct Link

If anyone has any suggestions to improve/see any weak areas please let me know.

Here are a couple comments on people's most recent submissions (though they might be late, thought I should send them anyways):
@blackbird256 Unique idea, I like the jump that starts at frame 135. There is a lot going on that it's hard to understand what's going on in the first viewing - I think the timing and holds could use a bit more work. The ball animation needs more attention, as well as the final shot - I think it would benefit from a bit slower camera truck-in and better framing of the apple podium. (The perfectionist in me also notices the leaf isn't in line with the apple and the apple is off centre, but maybe that was on purpose?) : )

@esquilogp your animation is really fun to watch with nice cartoony movements, cool effects. The only thing that stands out to me is the shake at the end, I think you are going for scared? To me I think it comes across as playful, mostly because I'm associating it with previous animations where the movement meant that, I think it needs a stronger "scared" pose or action to sell it more.

@jjacildo solid piece, one thing I think would add to it is if you moved around the base as it feels stuck to me, perhaps when the lamp lost the bal. The scoop and bouncing off the lamp's head was quite well done

@jooan I agree with wolfor's critique, also keep in mind where the back of the lamp is, I think you need to work with animating the PoleVectorCTRL to ensure it's not jumping all over the place, it will help with the lines.



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Re: Mc 18: Lamp and ball

Really nice piece Klaw. I love the turn around, how you have thought about the neck and how it differs from your usual biped rig. You also have done great with developing the story and thoughts of the lamp, giving it time to think. The ball also has a great life of its own, being both cheeky and playful. Great work!

@jjacildo, i agree with klaw, the idea behind the scoop is beautiful. And I love the spotlight searching for the ball afterwards. Its fab!!

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Re: Mc 18: Lamp and ball

hey klaw, thanks for the c&c, man. i admit that everythng u said was right. i kinda wasted the 2 wks n tryd 2 get ths done in one sitting. i now knw that doesnt help much. good call on the apple logo, it wasnt on purpose. i did that (and the truck)in like the last 10 mins. so that shot is not polishd at all. hopfuly, i wil work all that stuff in n post an updated version.

and great piece, man. u nailed it.

jaccido, nice.



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