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11 second club mini challenge blog

as many our aware, there's a mini challenge exercise group being set up on facebook. I'm also trying to set up a blog.

One of the merits I hope to achieve from the blog, is build a starting point for where to find answers. During voting period, many many times are the words 'please return to basics' written as a comment. But where do you start?

Now, from this blog, I do not plan to give definate answers. Different people learn in different ways. However, it would be cool to provide for examples the top six places to learn about the bouncing ball. The best books to read? Where to learn about walkcycles both human and animal. Where are the best places to find out about cinematography and staging?? Lip sync??

I'm looking mainly for the sites that really made something click, or were most helpful. As better resources are found, the lesser useful may be replaced.

Alongside this there are regular mini challenges being set up and the finals showcased on the site.

I'm hoping this will work alongside the main site, not against, which is why I havent added rigs like moom etc.

Now I know next to nothing about animation, especially compared to a lot of the animators on here. here is an example of whats trying to be achieved http://11secondclub-challenges.blogspot … rence.html

hope you guys see the potential, would love for some help

Please note, it has been set up with an independant email address, so i have no ownership. I hope it'll not be my voice, but a voice of many and hopefully in time it will support itself.

thank you



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Re: 11 second club mini challenge blog


Dear friends,
  I have made bounceing ball animation please give critics.....zbove link
I was trying to plyblast in quick time but I never able to did.apology for that...



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