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animation needs critique

This is my animwatch contest progress for july. If any suggession please!


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Re: animation needs critique

Hey whats up.. Nice start

I think you could use some more contrasting personality in both character's walk.

Tall dudes wrists could use some more losening in this walk

when they both came to an abrupt stop along with the camera it looked a lil weird I would say offset them stopping and the camera coming to a stop also..

when tall dude holds both hands up and says we don't need to ask directions both hands up to me is a tad bit cliche i would say take another stab that those hand gestures smile

cool looking forward to seeing progress keep up the good work



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Re: animation needs critique

looks pretty good. I think reel ruel has already given some nice suggestions. Gr8 goin.smile



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Re: animation needs critique

Very good



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Re: animation needs critique

That's some impressive work.

Critique: No need for the arms gesture when little guy says "that's right".
             Also, no need for tall guy's gesture when he says "directions".
             And watch for twining.

So far so good though smile

"Technology doesn't make the motion picture, people do. You're not an animator just because you can move an object from point A to point B. (You're) someone who breathes life into a character, which is something the software and technology can't give you."

- John Lasseter



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